Health and well-being is vital in our busy lives.  We are all looking for a good sleep but when it came to buying a new bed and pillows, I reached out to my friend Allan Abbott from Health Innovations.  Allan is a trained Physiotherapist so his knowledge of the body, the way we sleep and support for our neck and back was very important to us when selecting a new bed.  We were immediately impressed by his knowledge on sleep, breathing and the physical body and matching us with suitable pillows and a bed that matched our body type.
We are very happy with our new bed and pillows and I can say that I am less stiff in the neck and back and I am definitely sleeping better.
I would recommend anyone looking to buy a pillow, mattress or bed to go and talk to Allan first.
Andrew & Jane, Melbourne

I just wanted to let you know. The bed is amazing. I had an amazing sleep really comfortable HUGE difference from any other bed I’ve slept on.

Hisham, St Kilda

Love my gym, but developed shoulder pain requiring time off. Every attempt at rest and return to training came with a return of pain and the shoulder “niggles” became part of everyday life. I started wearing a NanoEdge Shoulder wrap post training and for sleep to boost recovery. It has allowed me to work pain free during the day and make a full return to training. I’m happy.

Bill, Narre Warren

My husband and I are so happy with our mattress. My back pain is pretty much gone after using the mattress a couple of months. Also I do not get woken up when my husband gets out of bed to go to work at 5.30am, it’s definitely “Jumping with wine glass” approved. This is the beest mattress I’ve ever bought and would highly recommend it to anyone. 

Ashlea and Dave, Mooroolbark

As a self-employed community based Occupational Therapist, it is of utmost importance to me to utilise reliable, cost effective, efficient and knowledgeable suppliers within my work. I have found Allan and Peter from Health Innovations to be all those things and more. Their professional yet approachable style makes working with them a pleasure and their willingness to find the best solution for the client rather than the most expensive, is something both myself and my clients respect and appreciate. Their flexibility and responsiveness is also a quality that guarantees no hesitation on my part to utilise their services. I would most definitely recommend Health Innovations to any other allied health service wishing to provide top quality equipment to it’s clientele.

Kate Rae

Head Occupational Therapist, Dandenong Ranges Allied Health, Pty Ltd

Thank for your support and help in getting the right mattress. For nearly three years now I have been suffering from a SIJ back injury which I did at work. I am still in pain every day, however the purchase of a Prescription Range mattress has made my night’s sleep a lot better, I wake up better in the morning which allows me to cope with my ongoing pain. The support within the mattress takes the stress out of my lower back, whereas previous mattresses I was fighting against my muscles. I also purchased the foam support pillows for travel in the car, such a small thing has made a difference in travelling to work. What also helped is that you are a physiotherapist who understands back pain.

Thank you for help,

James Saunders, Yarra Glen

Sarah and I love our new bed. The lumbar support is fantastic and the unique design means you don’t notice your partner’s movements while sleeping. This all adds up to a great night’s sleep.
Richard Willcock, Murrumbeena, author of ‘The 3 Minute Coach’

I am an avid hockey player (goal keeper) and have suffered numerous head and neck injuries.

I use a Health Innovations Prescription pillow recommended by my physiotherapist.

I find if my neck is painful following a game by doing my exercises and stretches then sleeping on my Prescription pillow I get a restful sleep and wake pain free the next morning.

Stuart – Melbourne

I have been using a mattress from Health Innovations for the last eighteen months. My mattress is from the Prescription Range and the level of support is Firm. As a sufferer of chronic pain it seems logical that a physiotherapist who understands precisely the mechanics of how my back works would be ideally suited to design a supportive mattress. I have been amazed at how my mattress has allowed me to sleep longer, enjoy a more restful sleep and wake up with less pain. I have recommended this wonderful mattress to my friends and they have also purchased one from the Prescription Range.

I have also been using a couple of other Health Innovation products. I have a pillow and a travel pillow. My pillow has two heights and has been fitted for me by my Health Innovation physiotherapist. This means that I have exactly the right height of pillow to suit my neck and back. Health Innovations also has a travel version of my pillow, which fits neatly into my carry on luggage. I do not go anywhere without a Health Innovations Prescription pillow.


I own several different Health Innovations products and have been very happy with all of them. I frequently recommend their pillows and lumbar supports to work colleagues, who have specific postural issues, and friends and family. I have 3 Spinal Comfort, one for work, the car and home so I can sit without aggravating my lower back and don’t have to remember to take it with me.

I like the fact that the people I have dealt with are practicing physiotherapists so they have real knowledge of my injuries. I trust their advice and assistance in selecting the right product for me. Their willingness to work with my physiotherapist has provided a consistent, effective treatment regime.

Lys, Sassafras

Dear Allan.

I just want you to know how grateful Peta and I are for the advice you gave us regarding the setup of our working spaces.

The back rests in both our cases have proved most effective.  This is particularly the case with me. I am almost entirely rid of lower back pain.  But the real boon for me has been the micro desk.  As you observed when you came to assess our needs, I spend a great deal of time at the key board.  The process of my work involves reading material that is the source of the information I need to provide the advice contained in the document I am typing.  Previously, this involved constant swivelling of the neck as I took my eyes from the material beside the keyboard to the monitor.  Having the source sitting right in front of the monitor has done away completely with any neck pain.

A great outcome for me but it does mean I have not sought from you a consultation for physiotherapy for several months!

Every best wish,

Laurie Rolls

Candlelight Cottages, Olinda

I’ve been sleeping on the “Therapy Firm Double Mattress” for a little over 18 months & have experienced a greater night sleep & more importantly a less painful lower back. Being a personal trainer, it’s important I get a solid 8 hours and take my sleeping pretty seriously. Having a preexisting herniated injury to my lower back I outsourced the people “in the know” about mattresses & wanted to speak to qualified physical therapists & those with a sports/training background to understand what I needed. The guys at Health innovations were more than I could ask for & am very grateful for their help and wealth of information regarding my needs. If your spending a 1/3 of your life sleeping on a mattress, you may as well invest on getting the right one that supports you. This was by far the best purchase I’ve made which has made the world of difference to my lower back & my overall health.

Christian Bylsma

Jen had not been sleeping well and after attending a talk by Allan we realised it was due to postural aggravation after Jen’s hip repair. Until then we never really thought about beds and sleep solutions.

I loved our waterbed but after a consultation to discuss possible solutions with Allan, we decided to go ahead with a new bed via his recommendation and at a cost we felt very reasonable.

We decided on a Health Innovations Prescription Medium mattress after testing several models. A month now since delivery and our days of restless sleep are over – we should have done this years ago.

Hardest part of the day now is actually leaving the comfort of bed!

We give the man and his advice the full 5 stars. We were very pleased Allan also followed up to verify we were satisfied.

Brian & Jenny Hannan, Emerald

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