Marea grew up in the country, one of eight children with the rough and tumble lifestyle of horses and farms.

Despite part time work her passion for life drives Marea to engage in cultural pursuits, walking in the Dandenong Ranges and swimming. However a consuming interest is in all things French resulting in her becoming fluent in the language as well as taking what seems her annual trip to France. Often based in Paris or sometimes travelling and staying in rural areas, Marea has immersed herself in the French culture. This has given her the opportunity to soak up the ambience of France, the culture, history, cuisine, and to finesse her language skills.

A number of years ago Marea described that sometimes when sleeping she would suffer from neck pain that would often then result in a migraine headache that would disable her for a couple of days.

After being fitted with her Prescription Pillow the problems have resolved. No neck pain, headaches or migraine meaning no interruption to her busy lifestyle. Not only does Marea use her pillow at home but also when travelling by planes, trains or automobiles it is her constant travel companion. Marea and her Prescription Pillow have clocked up a lot of frequent flyer points together

Marea’s story highlights Health Innovations Australia’s raison d’etre. Our passion is to be innovative and provide products or treatments to enhance peoples lifestyle