Christian gives us an insight into his own interpretation of the importance of sleep and how it relates to recovery from injury and training…

As the head coach and boss of Stronghold Strength and Fitness, I have three foundational elements which I believe maximizes strength, fitness and performance. Training, nutrition, recovery.

Our “Training” philosophy evolves around the progressive overload scheme. To get stronger muscles, you have to progressively increase the weight that you use over a period of time (weekly increases, followed by a periodic week of active recovery with lighter resistances and more volume in sets and reps, stretches, etc…).

If I had to choose one that has proven to be the most useful in terms of results for myself and my clients; fat loss, muscle gain, performance increases, optimal health, wellbeing and longevity…

It would be sleep. Every time.

8 uninterrupted hours to be exact.

I’ve had mattresses from big name outlets and even second hand mattresses from cheap “knock off” stores. All during my child/teen/early adult years. This only resulted in getting poor quality sleep, 6-7 hours at most. Sore and achy lower back pain. Discomfort and pains in my neck also sometimes resulting in headaches, stress, irritability, and mood swings.

Being sick and tired of being sick and tired I decided to invest in hiring a Strength and conditioning coach to help me with my strength and fitness goals. He recommended I’d improve my sleep first and foremost. Secondly nutrition, and lastly the fun part; Training.

He suggested purchasing a therapeutic mattress (HiA screened me) and choosing one that will support my spine as I recover from rigorous strength training and Powerlifting sessions.

And that I get 7-8 uninterrupted hours of sleep per night.

“You spend a third of your life in bed, whether its napping, sleeping, relaxing, intercourse. Make sure you invest the money into getting a great one that adds more years to your life and life to your years.” is what he told me.

He further explained; “Expect faster results in the gym, strength will increase, muscle mass will increase, reduces recovery time, drops more body fat especially around the waistline which carries stress-induced body fat (cortisol receptive adipose tissue) and boosts/elevates your mood.”

Having torn my glute medialis from squatting and herniating L5-S1 numerous times from my early years of dancing before becoming a Personal Trainer/Strength Coach, I needed professional support for my body as I recovered from the day’s physical training.

A HiA therapeutic mattress proved to be the most valuable asset and tool that I’ve invested into my training lifestyle that has given me more years to my life and definitely LIFE to my years.

Since the purchase in 2013, I’ve competed in two online fat loss contests. Won one of them in 2015 rewarding me with an all expenses paid trip to the U.S. and also a coaching/mentorship program.

Competed in two Novice Powerlifting events and currently training for a sanctioned Powerlifting meet in October 2018 (GPC Melbourne Cup) in the 95kg’s men’s class.

I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and my back feels the best it’s ever felt in a LONG time. 5 years to be exact.

Can’t thank the practitioners behind HiA for their ongoing guidance, support and recommending the right tool for the job.

Grateful and appreciate the genuine level of care and concern for their customers/patients.