Because of everyone’s unique body size and shape unfortunately one size pillow does not fit all and some pillows may feel comfortable but have no support. The job of your pillow is to align your head and neck in a normal anatomical position. This reduces stress on the muscles and strain on the joints of your neck and jaw by providing both support and comfort. If you use a CPAP machine when sleeping it would be a bonus if the pillow was compliant and “soft” enough as not to displace the mask, break the seal, and result in decreased effectiveness.

Think of our childhood cowboy hero’s who would use their saddle for a pillow and how that impressed us. The next day they would ride into town with the posture of the “good guy” upright in the saddle with the tilt on their hat. Knowing what we know now perhaps it wasn’t the hat with the tilt but their head tilted because their neck was so sore from sleeping on the saddle.

A pillow should also form part of a “sleep platform”. Also a supportive mattress will allow the pillow to do the job it was designed for, namely to align the whole spine to allow you to sleep through the night and get the restorative sleep required to let you wake refreshed.

Health Innovations Australia has Prescription Pillows available through our strategic partners and on line that allow you to have a “tailor made” pillow to meet your requirements.